Ofra Ayalon

Ofra Ayalon is a doctor of psychology and the director of Nord International Trauma Consultancy. She also heads the COPE Center, which trains professionals in Israel in the use of therapeutic cards, is employed as scientific editor for Nord Publications and promotes The OH-Cards in Israel.
During her 35-year career at Haifa University Ofra has written and published many articles, books and intervention programs on the subjects of divorce, domestic violence and child abuse, death and bereavement, suicide prevention and war and terrorism.

Her publications are available in many languages, including Hebrew, English, Arabic, Thai, Finnish, Croatian and Spanish.
As a trainer and consultant, Ofra has worked with mental health workers on-site in traumatized communities in Israel, South Africa, Angola, the former Yugoslavia and Ireland.
She has also trained professionals in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Finnland, England and Portugal. Ofra´s current focus is the effects and prevention of violence in the media, in society and in the family, and on the use of associative cards (the OH-Cards and their offshoots) to promote communication and creativity.